Fee Distribution

Whenever you buy or sell XGZ tokens from the our platform, ABT-Dex charges small fees depending on the type of actions taken on the application. The structure and distribution of fees are highlighted below:

Fee Structure

Swap Fee

For each transaction used in the platform of using platform : 0.3% per transaction notional ( in USDT).

Contract Creation Fee

The fee used to create a contract on the V SYSTEMS Blockchain (100 VSYS). The contract fee is standardised throughout the VSYS Network.

V SYSTEMS Transaction Fees

The transaction fee is composed of the ‘V Atomic Swap’ contract is composed of multiple key actions ( Deposit, Locking, Solving and Withdrawing ) for one fluid action. The total cost per full Atomic Swap Transaction is 1.2 VSYS in total (For each action costing 0.3 VSYS default to the network).

Ethereum Mainnet Gas Fees

The fees charged on the ERC-20 network. Please visit here for the latest gas prices.

Redemption Fee

Please refer to GoldZIP website

*Note: Storage fee of XGZ backed physical gold, VSYS transaction fees (0.6 VSYS coin) of transaction on VSYS chain are currently waived and are subjected to change in the future.